Vera Bradley Winter 2014 has arrived!

Vera Bradley's Winter 2014 has arrived in store!
Our fans were able to get a sneak peek of the two patterns during our September giveaway and the response was great!
Now we are fully stocked in store with the entire collection for you to see. 
Cherry Blossoms has elevated accents for any holiday wardrobe with bright reds and timeless pinks that whirl on a winter-gray backdrop. Its structured with floral motifs that create a festive, contemporary aesthetic and is lined with petite versions of the pink, black and red blooms. 
Emerald Paisley is a brilliant green dramatized with touches of cobalt, bright magenta and lime. The oversized paisleys and vibrant colors create a fresh, classic look. Then the lining is a stylized mini flour-de-lis pattern in diamond framework. 
Either one of these patterns are bound to make this holiday season bright!

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