New Line Alert! Kitras Art Glass has arrived!

Stephen Kitras began working as a glass blower in 1988. He studied at Sheridan College located in Oakville, Ontario Canada. For five years he worked alone handling all of the production and administrative tasks. He and his wife Elke were shipping the product from their dinning room table. In 1994 Kitras Art Glass was formed and Stephen and Elke became founding partners of the corporation. At this time, the single most important factor in the company's growth was the beginning of exportation to the United States. By 2001 company sales had increased and a new facility was built to accommodate the increased production demands. In 2006 Stephen continues to be involved in the company, overseeing all new product development, training of new staff, and when he has time, working on his own art projects and commissions. In 1999, the company suffered the loss of Elke Kitras to Leukemia, but the vision that she and Stephen developed for the company continues to thrive. 
"It is the vision of Kitras Art Glass to be recognized as an excellent Canadian glass blowing studio that produces innovative, excellent Canadian glass blowing studio that produces innovative, beautiful and decorative glass objects. We strive to create designs that enhance the modern home, garden and lifestyle. We believe that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. When surrounded by beauty the spirit is uplifted. We hope that you will be inspired by our products, our vision, and our passion and share our message with your customers or in your home."
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