Stained Glass State Holiday Ornaments - Local Christmas: Connecticut

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Stained glass state ornaments. Width & length varies by state (see below), 1/4 inch thick, double layered and finished with twine. Each state sold separately. Pattern placement varies. Material: Specialty Acrylic, Walnut (please note these are NOT made with glass - it's a printed 'stained glass' look acrylic that is not fragile!) Ornaments come packaged on a card in a clear plastic bag with a hang tag. Handcrafted in Kansas City, MO Dimensions: Alabama 3.9x2.5 in, Alaska 3.6x4.3 in, Arizona 3.7x3.1 in, Arkansas 3.2x3.8 in, California 4x3.6 in, Colorado 2.8x3.8 in, Connecticut 2.8x3.8 in, Delaware 3.9x1.9 in, Florida 3.6x3.9 in, Georgia 3.8x3.3 in, Hawaii 1.5x5 in, Idaho 3.8x2.7 in, Indiana 3.8x2.6 in, Illinois 3.8x2.1 in, Iowa 2.4x3.9 in, Kansas 2.1x3.8 in, Kentucky 2x4.4 in, Louisiana 3.7x3.8 in, Maine 3.9x2.9 in, Maryland 2.3x4.5 in, Massachusetts 2.5x4.6 in, Michigan 3.9x3.9 in, Minnesota 3.7x3.7 in, Mississippi 3.8x2.4 in, Missouri 3.2x3.9 in, Montana 2.2x3.9 in,

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